Garage Painting

Painting a Garage can be a difficult job for an inexperience painting service. But here at Moorhouse Coating, we take our job very seriously and will work with you to get the best and fastest turnaround time possible.

Our Painting Contractors will give you a bid within 24 hours for your garage painting. We will work hard to ensure our painting is up to par and will make sure the process of repainting will be done without any problems.


Moorhouse guys came in fast and got the job done during the weekend so we didn't have to worry about not having the parking available at the weekdays.

The reputation of Moorhouse Coating precedes the company. They use the latest know-how ensuring cost and time efficiency. The end result is precise, clean and classic. We look forward to future association with the company.

The biggest perk of engaging a family owned company like Moorhouse Coating is the personal touch they add to every part of the project. Gauging our requirements perfectly, they finished the project on time.We will definitely be back for all our future requirements.

The flexibility that Moorhouse Coating provides is unparalleled. For a working couple like us the adaptable schedules they offered and the fact that we paid only for the work done was of great help. When it comes to any painting job we assure you to look no further.

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