Commercial Roof Painting

Since 1990 we provide our clients high quality custom roof coating, furniture, architectural millwork and finish carpentry.

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Moorhouse Coating is a full-service custom roof painting business founded with a passion for painting and a dedication to quality. Painting your roof can keep your house maintainance at a minimum.

We work closely with homeowners, to provide complete homeowners needs and services.

Our Services

You are making a vital investment for your commercial building or warehouse. Protecting the roof might not seem like a necessary need, while it attracts little attention until it leaks.

Roofing Failures & Spot-Fixing

Although a not of care is done to take care of roofs, they are exposed to the elements every day,which can take a toll on the metal surface as well as corrosion. Corrosion will wear through the steel causing it to become weak, leak and finally to a replacement costing a pretty penny. Finding and spot-fixing can be a difficult task and to avoid any crisis use professional roof inspection that will help you in planning and budgeting for long term roofing needs.

Roof Sealing

Moorhouse has been working since 1990 on commercial buildings and using these expertise to encapsulate the roof and stop damaging corrosion, we can extend the life of your roof for years. If a roof is experiencing signs of corrosion, it can be treated to stop the corrosion.

Roof Coating

If the roof is leaking, a good choice is roof coating designed to wrap, bridging all the gaps and seams.


If a roof is dirty, snow can damage the roof while sliding, the surface dirt will remove the protective factory paint finish leaving the roof with little or no film.

Transforming your house into a home.

We believe in excellent service, so whether you are a homeowner or property manager or developer, we understand how to help you achieve your vision and goals.

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Here are a few of many projects. We provide a professional service which includes consultation, free estimate, design and installation.

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Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on offering the same attentive service for individual homes and large development. As such, we are proud to have built strong and long lasting relationship with homeowners and developers alike.

Over 20 years experience

We have expert painters with over 20 years in residential and commercial painting who can work on any painting job you need.

Best Materials

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High Professional Standard

We can tailor our painting services to suit your needs. Moorhouse Coating delivers with the same high level of care, service and attention to detail.

What our customers says

They always call and say, ‘How did everything go?’ and make sure that it’s right, that the project was done to our satisfaction.

We needed somebody who could really follow through on a relatively complicated painted schedule.

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