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Why Moorhouse Coating
of Phoenix, AZ?

At Moorhouse Coating, we understand that having a stranger come to do your painting job can seem stressful. Our professional painters have over 20+ year experience and our painters have seen all the problems that can come up. We guarantee our service will be at a high quality and timely manner or we will come back and do the work again. That's a guarantee you won't find anywhere else.

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Our Services

Our Painting Service we provide in Phoenix, AZ


Interior Painting

Painting your home’s interior is more than just a maintenance project. It’s often the simplest and most economical way to transform the look of your entire home.


Exterior Painting

Painting your exterior can easily change the look and feel of your home. No more worries about chipped or weathered exterior.


Residential Painting

A home feels like your own once you style how you want. We will take your visions and make it happen and will be in constant contact to make it happen.


Commercial Painting

As a business, you have expectations and deadlines to meet. Our experts painters will swiftly paint to your needs at a timely and professional level.


More Services

Any painting job you have we do it. Just call us about your painting needs and we will try our best to make that project come to life.

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