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Moorhouse Coating offers the aviation industry resulting in in house painting and sealing experts professionally trained and dedicated to providing state of the art painting facilities.

Expert Painters

We have vetted and experienced painters who work on complex residential and commercial painting projects. Pros ready to be challenged.


Request your free interior or exterior housing quote. Fill out the form below and we can contact you via text or call. Just specify. If email works better just let us know.


Our painters will arrive on a timely manner and work on schedule, with minimum hindrance to both your home or business.


We set the standard and will call you after the work is complete allowing you to confirm that the work exceeds your expectation and fits our professional standard.

Our work

At Moorhouse Coating, we take each of our painting projects seriously. Commercial Projects need people who can work without disrupting the business and finishing the job as quickly as possible. We worked on the coating and the repainting of the Big Horn.

Big Horn Project

We were able to quickly repaint the buildings without intruding on the employees working there. The job was finished quickly and we were able to create another happy customer.


Historic Renovations

Restoring historic renovations is a delicate process that restores some of the oldest buildings in the country with the correct coating and painting. From churches to theaters, every building tells a story that has been passed down through generations. We work diligently to preserve that story.


PC Lodge

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What our customers say


John S.

Property Developer

They always call and say, ‘How did everything go?’ and make sure that it’s right, that the project was done to our satisfaction.


Lisa T.

Home Owner

We needed somebody who could really follow through on a relatively complicated painted schedule.


Richard O.

The work was done fast. We’ll definitely be coming calling again for the rest of the house.

Our Story

Moorhouse Painting incorporated in 1997 as a full service painting company in Ogden Utah and Provo, Utah. Today we are recognized as a Professional Painting Contractor in Utah, California, Arizona and clients across the country. Our first projects included interior and exterior residential painting in Weber and Davis counties. Wall covering and staining were some of the first new processes we added to the lineup of services offered. As we expanded beyond Ogden and Weber county, we found ourselves working all over the world. Over the years, we have continued to offer new products and processes. With the change in VOC regulations and the continued movement toward greener products, coatings is the largest segment of our business. Today we apply mostly coatings; however we still refer to the material as paint.


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